JavaScript Programming: Advanced

JavaScript Programming: Advanced

Learning Outcomes:

• Debug and maintain JavaScript code libraries utilizing the review data in the Learning Lab with 100 % accuracy.
• Develop Web pages that display different content or execute different code, based on the version of JavaScript that is present on the Web client.
• Create custom objects with custom methods and properties demonstrating 100% accuracy.
• Successfully create, read to, write from, and delete single and multi-dimensional arrays as directed by the Instructor.

This two-day advanced class will further enhance your skills on the advanced programming features and debugging techniques.
• Using Programming Techniques
• Implementing Cross-browser compatibility
• Using Custom Objects
• Working with Arrays
• Handling Cookies
• Validating Forms
• Programming Using DOM API

JavaScript Programming: Advanced

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Debug and maintain JavaScript code using programming techniques. Implement cross-browser compatibility using JavaScript. Create and manipulate custom objects using the custom object’s methods. Create, read to, write from, and delete single and multi-dimensional arrays. Store, retrieve, and delete cookies. Validate forms using the generic approach. Program using DOM API to traverse, modify, and append nodes to documents. Use CSS to change the appearance and position of the HTML elements dynamically. Use JavaScript to access Java applets and ActiveX controls. Communicate with Shockwave files and server applications.

Class targeted to: Students who already know how to write and call a simple JavaScript function and who understand basic JavaScript programs.

Prerequisites: JavaScript Programming: Introduction, or equivalent knowledge.

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