IC3: Computer Fundamentals Boot Camp

IC3: Computer Fundamentals Boot Camp

Learning Outcomes:

• Given information within the Lesson Lab, the student will demonstrate proficiency in utilizing the Internet, Electronic Mail, its components and options, and identify common e-mail problems with 90% accuracy.
• Utilizing within the Lesson Lab, the student will accurately create Word 2003 documents, Excel 2003 worksheets and PowerPoint slides.
• Given information provided, demonstrate complete ability to understand viruses, how to identify viruses and steps to take to prevent viruses.
• Given information in the Lesson Lab, the participant will learn the inner workings of a desktop, ROM, RAM, Cache memory, and successfully insert memory and video cards.

This five-day boot camp will develop skills in working with a variety of computers, using Windows, a Network, fundamentals of email and the Internet and will provide a beginning knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2003.

• System Varieties & Networks
• Personal Computer Elements
• Storage Systems & Printers
• Troubleshooting Techniques
• Networking Fundamentals
• Looking at the Internet
• E-mail Basics
• Outlook Express
• Using the Internet
• Web Browsers
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Searching the Net
• Risks of Computing
• Word 2003 Fundamentals
• Excel 2003 Fundamentals
• PowerPoint 2003 Fundamentals

IC3: Computer Fundamentals Boot Camp
During this class, the student will learn networking standards, benefits and disadvantages. Gain a better understanding of the Internet, Intranets and Extranets. Look at Electronic Mail, its components and options, manage spam via Netiquette, and identify common e-mail problems. Learn the basic terminology of the Internet and understand how it works. Use a web browser and learn about mailing lists and Newsgroups. Learn to look up information on the web, use Directories, Portal Sites, and Search Engine Technology & Boolean terms. Qualify the information and the risks involved. Understand Viruses and the need for Data Backup. Learn about Copyright issues and Ethical issues as well as your personal responsibility using the computer. Learn the features for Word, creating documents and manipulating text; work with Excel creating worksheets and formatting a worksheet, working with simple formulas; discover the features of PowerPoint creating a presentation and master slides, running a slide show.

Class targeted to: Computer Novices and anyone required to use computers in his or her daily job functions.

Prerequisites: None required as this course will cover all the basics of computer fundamentals, browsing the Internet, using email, and Excel, PowerPoint, and Word 2003 basics.

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