Handling the Challenge of Change

Handling the Challenge of Change

Learning Outcomes:

  • From classroom discussion, accurately list six ways to turn resisters into active players.
  • Using your own work group as a basis, define the various stakeholders’ role in change and successfully create a plan for each. to increase their role in change
  • Based on in-class discussion, successfully identify the attitudes and behaviors that underlie critical change management skills
  • Utilizing role play exercises effectively use at least one change management behavior to enlist the assistance of your role play partner.

During this program you will learn why people fear change and how to overcome that fear and embrace the future.

• Self-Assessment
• Meeting Resistance
• Overcoming Fear
• Create a Powerful Working Vision
• Company Image
• Positive Change
• Using Change as Springboard to Success-Examples
Handling the Challenge of Change

This one day high-energy, high-impact program will help you move past any resistance or fear that can accompany changes or transitions within a corporation. You will go beyond the situations that change brings (new people, new policies, new location) and explore the psychological processes people go through to come to terms with any new situation. You will learn to adopt a fluid proactive style of change management that enables you and your co-workers to react positively to any transition. Learn: techniques that promote positive change; six ways to turn resisters into active players; tips on creating a powerful working vision both for yourself and your company.
Class targeted to:
Any employee, manager, or team leader working in today’s changing environment.


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