Growing into Another Position

Growing into Another Position

Learning Outcomes:

  • After participating in classroom discussion, create a career path action plan to identify and encourage development.
  • Using a self-assessment, determine what career aptitudes/skills need improvement.
  • By participating in classroom discussion, accurately identify certain terms and their relationship to career development.

Topics that will be discussed in class include the following:

  • Introduction: What is an IDP?
  • Where are You and Where are You Going?
  • Translation: Competencies
  • Gap Analysis
  • Identifying Appropriate Training and Development Opportunities
  • How Am I Doing?
  • Workshop Summary

Growing into Another Position

During this session, attendees will identify learning and development goals; learn to take ownership of his/her career development; assess their skill level in the competencies related to the required skill level for their career; identify their professional career goals and development needs based on the identified skill gap; learn to communicate those goals (both career and development) clearly and succinctly; create realistic IDPs targeting specific career opportunities; periodically assess their progress toward reaching their goals.

Class targeted to: Anyone who has not achieved their ultimate career goal.

Prerequisites: None

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