GroupWise: Introduction

GroupWise: Introduction

Learning Outcomes:

• Successfully send a mail message, change message formatting, attach a file to a message, check the spelling and grammar, and send a message to a single user and to multiple users utilizing the information in the Lesson Lab.
• Schedule an individual, a recurring appointment, and an event using the set of criteria provided in the exercise.
• Accurately edit, delete, and restore an appointment as demonstrated by the instructor during class.
• Given a set of instructions, correctly schedule a meeting, reserve meeting resources, reply to a meeting request, propose a new meeting time, update a meeting, track meeting responses and attendee status, and cancel a meeting.
This one day course will familiarize the student with all the components inherent in GroupWise and will demonstrate the ease of use that GroupWise offers. The student will examine the fundamental network concepts behind E-mail.

• Getting Started with GroupWise
• Creating and Sending Messages
• Managing and Retracting Messages
• Working with Calendars
• Managing Folders and Groups
• Using Notes
• Managing Tasks
• Personal Appointments
• Managing Files
• Scheduling Appointments for Yourself and Others
• Sorting & Filtering
• Archiving Items
• Creating and Using Rules and Creating Access Rights
• Exploring the Web Access Environment

GroupWise: Introduction

Learn about the Novell GroupWise environment, what it is and what it can do and gain an understanding of the basic concepts of a network. Work with sending mail, including attachments to your messages, and utilizing the phone messaging system. Discover the calendar and how to use it to manage personal tasks. Check out the personal appointment section and learn how to schedule appointments for others. Understand the basics of creating and deleting tasks. Check documents for potential errors. Be aware of the default settings. Gain knowledge in managing files with Archives. Learn to use the Notify feature.

Class targeted to:
Students needing to learn how to navigate and how to receive and send items from the main views of the GroupWise program.

Windows: Orientation and a level-one word-processing course or equivalent knowledge.

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