Learning Outcomes:

  • Successfully create and edit a database and enter new contacts into the database given instructions in the Lesson Lab.
  • Given directions, locate contact records by using the Lookup feature and the Contact List window without error.
  • Using a set or criteria, organize and manage contact records by creating groups within the allotted time frame.
  • Correctly schedule and manage activities, notes, and records by using the various tabs available utilizing information provided in the Lesson Lab.
  • Utilizing information provided, create, edit, and format a document without error by using the GoldMine Word processor.

This one day session will familiarize the user with the variety of features that GoldMine offers.  Below are a listing of topics covered.

• Getting Started with GoldMine
• The Contact Record
• Creating and Editing Records
• Completing Activitiess
• Querying the Database
• Scheduling Activities
• Managing Correspondence
• Reports
• Calendar Printouts
• Labels/Envelopes


Students will have the opportunity of working with GoldMine’s menus and commands; learn about the toolbar; and work with multiple databases.  This class will help you as you work with each contact record and learn to set fields to customize your database to your tastes.  Look at the variety of Tab tools such as: Profile Tab, Referral Tab, Pending Tab, History Tab, Summary Tab and Links Tab.  Learn to edit contact information and add additional contacts.  Print out an organizational chart.  Query the database to find profile information, tag records or work with subsets of data.  Use Filter to sort information in the way you that easy to work with.  Build and Sort groups of contacts.  Schedule activities, calls, appointments and multiple users.  Schedule recurring activity, a to-do action, phone message and E-mail messages.  Install the DDE link; create a new template form and print a Merge Form Document.  You will learn to to generate a mass mailing.  You will also learn about the variety of reports you can generate.

Class targeted to:
Students desiring to broaden their usage of GoldMine’s extensive capabilities in the contact management field.


Windows: Introduction or equivalent knowledge.

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