Fundamentals of Six Sigma

Fundamentals of Six Sigma

Learning Outcomes:

  • Based on classroom discussions, effectively analyze your business needs and determine if Six Sigma applies to them.
  • Using information provided define Process Management Teams and Quality Improvement Teams; Compare and contrast.
  • Using your own work situation as a guide, prepare an action plan to effectively organize your organization for quality improvement.

During this one-day course, you will learn Six Sigma concepts and how to apply those concepts to Quality Improvement initiatives. Anyone working on a team seeking to improve production, processes, and systems will gain from this overview.

· Six Sigma – What is it?
· The Quality Environment
· Organizing for Quality Improvement
· Process Improvement Models
· Quality Tools and Techniques
· Application of Tools and Techniques
Fundamentals of Six Sigma

During this course you will gain the fundamental knowledge to determine if Six Sigma is the right methodology for your business needs. Learn a short history of the development of Six Sigma and key Six Sigma Terminology. Look at the Quality policy, leadership involvement, concepts that apply to customer and supplier, principles of quality improvement and measuring for success. As the concepts of Six Sigma are unfolded you will learn about Process Management Teams, Quality Improvement Teams, Functional Managers, the Quality Council and how all this relates to the individual employee. Discuss the Process Improvement Models by looking at the Ford 8D program, the Six Steps to Six Sigma, the AT&T 8 Step Methodology, Motorola’s 5 Step DMAIC Model and Shewhart Quality Cycle. Discuss some of the statistical tools, diagrams and charts used to measure, understand and drive quality, and then apply those tools and techniques to your quality improvement activities.
Class targeted to:
Those individuals needing to know more about Six Sigma history, concepts, and terminology and quality improvement.


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