Flash: Level 2

Flash: Level 2

In this second day of a two-day course, the student will create extensive Timelines with independent animations, build more complex navigation controls, work with sound, and optimize your movies for viewing by your intended audience.

* What is a Symbol
* Graphic, Movie Clip and Button Symbols
* Organizing Large Projects
* Interactivity in Flash
* Creating Advanced Navigation Controls
* Importing Sounds
* Event vs Streaming Sounds
* Testing and Publishng a Flash Movie

Flash : Level 2

Identify the advantages that symbol use has in building a Flash movie, identify and create the three types of symbols, and manage symbols within a movie using the Library palette. Use scenes to organize content in large complex Timelines, and create frame labels to mark critical points in your Timeline. Add advanced playback controls and interactive elements to a Flash movie (including remote rollovers and expanding menus), and create preloaders to ensure smooth playback of larger movie files over slow connections. Import sounds into a project, work with sound properties, and edit sounds. Test a movie while simulating a slow connection, identify factors that increase a movie’s size and download time, and publish a movie using many of Flash’s numerous publishing options.

Class targeted to:
Intended for students with some experience creating Flash animations, who want to build more efficient, optimized animations that allow for greater user interactivity.

Flash : Level 1

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