Flash: Level 1

Flash: Level 1

This one-day first level will introduce the user to the basics of creating objects and animating in Macromedia’s Flash MX.

* The Flash Work Environment
* Drawing and Painting
* Vector vs Raster Graphics
* Custom Colors, Gradients, and Line Styles
* Manipulating Objects
* Working with Text
* Multiple Layers in a Movie
* Creating Animation
* Guide Layers and Mask Animations
* Publishing Your Flash Movie

Flash: Level 1

View a Flash movie and modify the appearance of the Stage. Draw, paint, and create custom colors, gradients, and line styles. Manipulate objects, describe shape interaction, and import artwork. Add text and manipulate its behavior and appearance. Build layers and use them to create various effects. Create frame-by-frame, shape-tweened, and motion-tweened animation. Publish a Flash movie.

Class targeted to:
Intended for students with little or no experience creating Flash animations.

A good understanding of a computer and it’s basic operating system.


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