Flash ActionScript

Flash ActionScript

Learning Outcomes:

• Successfully create a storyboard and modularity in Flash utilizing the instructions from the manual.
• Manipulate movie clips and animate an object as directed by the Instructor and to the Instructor’s satisfaction.
• Utilizing the instructions in the Lesson Lab, correctly create a check box, radio button and combo box and determine the situations in which each are appropriate.
• Apply the techniques learned to make movie clips draggable with 100% accuracy.

In this two-day course, the student will create extensive Timelines with independent animations, build more complex navigation controls, work with sound, and optimize your movies for viewing by your intended audience.
• Exploring the Basics of ActionScript
• Planning Movies
• Simple Interactivity in Flash
• Graphic, Movie Clip and Button Symbols
• Creating Advanced Navigation Controls
• Creating a Video Game
• Creating Complex Interactivity
• Using Components
Flash ActionScript

During this two-day class the student will explore the basics of ActionScript, apply the effects to buttons, set a Timeline Path Using Dot Notation. Create a Storyboard and modularity in Flash. Apply effects at runtime; manipulate variable values using scripts. Set the scroll and table properties. Add a movie clip script, set volume using ActionScript and create conditional statements. Create a video game: respond to key presses, manipulate movie clips and animate an object. Make movie clips draggable, specify the Drop target, mark targets using arrays, create a loop, prevent overlaps, check variable values, compare arrays and create an easing effect. Create a check box, radio button, and combo box.

Class targeted to: Intended for students with some experience creating Flash animations, who want to build more advanced web pages.

Prerequisites: Flash: Level 1.

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