Expression Web: Level 2

Expression Web Level 2

Learning Outcomes:

  • Correctly modify a CSS layout and create the Master Page according to lab directions.
  • Show 100 % competency in setting layer styles as directed by the instructor.
  • Utilizing a set of instructions, accurately create a form with validation parameters.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in adding hyperlinks to a frame page as proofed by the instructor.

This one day class is designed for students with fundamental competency in using Expression Web for designing web pages and adding content and simple functionalities into them, and those who need the skills to use Expression Web to design a website with enhanced functionality and usability.

  • Create a CSS layout
  • Creating and Managing Layers
  • Working with Forms
  • Designing Web Pages Using Frames
  • Working with XML
  • Managing Workgroup Development


Expression Web Level 2

The following lesson objectives will help the students become comfortable with Microsoft Expression Web: create the layout of a website, create and manage layers, design forms to submit and retrieve data from a database, use frames to link and display several pages of web content within a single browser window, work with XML to create and display data from an XML database, and use Expression Web to collaborate on website development and design in a workgroup environment.

Class targeted to: Those in the Windows environment that wish to design, create and edit a set of web pages, create links within web pages and links to the World Wide Web.

Prerequisites: Windows knowledge. Microsoft® Expression® Web 2013: Level 1 course from Element K or have equivalent knowledge. Also database knowledge, XML and ASP.NET knowledge would be helpful, but not required.

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