Expression Web: Level 1

Expression Web: Level 1

Learning Outcomes:

• Correctly create a dynamic Web template using the instructions in the Lesson Lab.
• Successfully add hyperlinks and bookmark links under the direction of the facilitator.
• Utilizing a set of instructions, Insert a table, set table and cell properties, and split tables with at least 90% accuracy.
• Create and attach an external style sheet in the Activity Lab with instructor’s supervision.
• Successfully prepare your web site for publishing and publish your web according to the directions in the Lesson Lab.

This one day class will provide the user with the basic knowledge required to design, build, and upload a website to suite your requirements.
• Getting Started with Expression Web
• Designing the Layout of a Website
• Adding Content to a Website
• Formatting a Website Using CSS
• Working with Links
• Adding Interactivity
• Finalizing a Website

Expression Web: Level 1

The following lesson objectives will help the students become comfortable with Microsoft Expression: Gain an overview of Website development, explore and customize the Expression interface. Define a Website, design layouts using layout tables, learn standard layout components, and create a dynamic Web template. Create and add text to a Home Page, import pages to a Website, format text, work with tables and images. Take a look at CSS, create, attach, and modify an external style sheet. Create an internal style sheet. Create hyperlinks, bookmark links, and format text hyperlinks. Create a hotspot. Add an interactive button, open a page in a new browser window, create a rollover, and add an audio file. Check for accessibility and compatibility. Generate CSS reports, check the site summary report and publish your Website.

Class targeted to: Those in the Windows environment that wish to design, create and edit a set of web pages, create links within web pages and links to the World Wide Web.

Prerequisites: Windows knowledge. It may be very helpful to have completed HTML 4.01: Web Authoring and Cascading Style Sheets or have equivalent knowledge.

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