Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

Learning Outcomes:

  • Through classroom discussion successfully identify and describe the five factors of service quality every customer has, and be prepared to provide an example of each.
  • During role plays effectively identify appropriate communication strategies to keep an issue from escalating.
  • After classroom discussion, effectively define ways in which you can gain a thorough understand of a customer’s issue.

This one day Workshop is designed to motivate each person within an organization to think of the customer and the benefits that will ensue from satisfied customers.

  • Customer Expectations
  • Long-Term Partnerships
  • Exceptional Phone Service
  • Self-Assessment
  • Body Language
  • Pleasing Customers
  • Preventing Service Problems
  • Incentives for Outstanding Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

This course is designed to emphasize to all organizational employees that they are involved in customer service. The success of any company depends upon how customers view each person they come in contact with. Develop long-term, profitable relationships with your customers. Learn specific ways to reduce turnover in your front-line service providers. Study the 7 essential needs your customer has. Learn to listen to emotions as well as facts and learn how to respond. Discuss the importance of body language and tone of voice. Learn why customers leave and how to get them to stay longer. Build instant customer rapport; handle difficult or upset customers; stay motivated and project a genuine caring attitude.

Class targeted to: All service staff, salespeople, or anyone who comes into contact with customers.

Prerequisites: None

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