Excel: Track and Analyze your business data – 3 hour workshop

Excel: Track and Analyze your business data – 3 hour workshop

During this three hour workshop the student will use a variety of functions and formulas to analyze and track data for a business.

• Create basic formulas with cell references
• Create formulas for a profit statement
• Use functions and labels in formulas
• Create a formula for income projection
• Create formulas with mixed and Absolute cell references
• Use the Round function
• Add Clip Art
• Experiment with the If and Vlookup function
• Use the If and Vlookup functions in a formula
• Calculate loan payments

During this fast paced lab, the student will: Create simple formulas with cell references and functions. Use absolute and mixed cell references in formulas and use the Round function. Build formulas using the IF and Vlookup functions. Create formulas with the PMT function to calculate loan payments. Activities covered are: Excel Formulas “101”. Build formulas to project sales. Use lookup tables to find delivery charges. Calculate loan payments.

Class targeted to:
Educated Excel users needing more experience with functions and formulas.

Windows: Introduction and a good working knowledge of Excel.

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