Excel 2010 Transition from Excel 2003

Excel 2010 transition from Excel 2003

Learning Outcomes:

  • Customize the Excel Interface to fit your workplace needs.
  • Analyze the enhancements in Excel spreadsheets and select those that will improve particular applications.
  • Work with enhanced chart tools and chart templates to improve the appearance and readability of a spreadsheet.
  • Create enhanced PivotTables and PivotCharts.

In this half day course, students will learn additional features to improve the management, presentation, and distribution of your spreadsheets with new enhanced features of Excel 2010.

  • Exploring the Excel Environment
  • Organizing Data
  • Analyzing Data
  • Presenting Data
  • Using Office Web Apps


Excel 2010 transition from Excel 2003

This half day session will focus on working with the Ribbon, the Contextual tab, and the Excel Galleries. Customize the Excel Interface to fit your workplace needs. Explore the enhancements in Excel spreadsheets. Work with the enhanced tables; format tables. Use the Conditional Formatting Button, the Conditional Formatting Categories, and the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager Dialog Box. Sort and Filter data and apply a Formula. Work with enhanced chart tools, chart templates and share Excel charts. Save Excel Spreadsheets to the Web and work with spreadsheets on the Web.

Class targeted to: Designed for the experienced Excel user who has worked with earlier versions of Excel, ideally Excel 2003 and who have upgraded or will upgrade to Office 2010.

Prerequisites: Experience with some version of Excel preferably 2003 or XP and some familiarity with the Internet. Due to the nature of the course and short time frame some of the more advanced new features are not covered in depth.

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