Employee Relations and Employment Law

Employee Relations and Employment Law

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using classroom discussion, successfully list the pertinent laws discussed and their applicability.
  • Given specific situations, analyze the situations and apply the knowledge and skills gathered to select an effective counseling approach.
  • Through classroom discussion and exercises accurately define the difference between the role of the supervisor and the role of the employee in the enforcement of laws related to sexual harassment and disability issues.
  • Using role plays successfully assess situations and propose ways to resolve them that safeguards the rights and the dignity of all the individuals involved.

This problem solving session will cover FMLA, ADA, EEO and Sexual Harassment laws and application steps to navigate through complex employee relations situations.

  • What is the intent of Family Medical Leave Act
  • Who is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Act in the Workplace
  • Sexual Harassment policies
  • Application steps to apply to each law
  • Identify employee performance issues
  • Document an employee improvement plan
  • Constructive Coaching Sessions

Employee Relations and Employment Law

Managers will benefit from this seminar geared to give you a greater understanding of the laws and simple application steps to navigate through complex employee relations’ situations. Participants will be given the chance to complete a pre- and post-test to assess knowledge and demonstrate learning. Each participant will gain a clear understanding of the legal definitions of each law, how to apply those definitions to certain situations and the Do’s and Don’ts applicable to each law. Practice the best course of action to take as a manager in a given situation. Included will be five practice situations for each of the laws. These practice suggestions are for managers to work through to a solution after attending the seminar, knowing the steps to take to determine how to respond before a situation gets out of hand. Learn to identify performance issues and address them constructively. Put a performance improvement plan in place that will provide managers with the tools to address issues immediately and directly providing a solid trail of documentation and progressive discipline to defend most any legal charge. Learn to conduct constructive coaching sessions to review progress.

Class targeted to: Frontline Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors and any HR Professionals who interact with these employee relation matters.

Prerequisites: None

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