Director 8: Advanced

Director 8: Advanced

During this one day class, students will use Macromedia Director as a tool for creating multimedia presentations, create a banner ad for a Web page, and an interactive presentation for distribution on a CD-ROM or DVD.

  • Planning the Movie
  • Importing from PowerPoint
  • Replacing Tempo Channel Playback Control
  • Working with Images
  • Lingo Scripting Concepts
  • Planning Scripts Based on Objectives
  • Navigation Scripts
  • Data Management Using Lists
  • Preparing for Distribution

Director 8: Advanced

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Import PowerPoint presentations and optimize them for use in Director. Create behaviors and scripts with Lingo Programming. Define variables, including lists, to hold information as the movie is run. Create custom Lingo handlers that can be called from other scripts. Control the motion of sprites via Lingo scripting. Create conditional scripts and repeat loops to perform complex tasks. Use Director’s debugging tools to diagnose script problems. Create movies that play other movies, including a time-saving “stub” projector that can play protected Director movies as well as standard.DIR files.

Class targeted to:
This course is designed for the student who understands the Director techniques and concepts and who want more advanced options including the basics of Lingo programming.

Students should have completed the Director 8: Introduction course or have equivalent knowledge.

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