Crystal Reports 11: Level 1

Crystal Reports 11: Level 1

Learning Outcomes:

  • Accurately c reate a report based on database information provided in the Lesson Lab.
  • Successfully modify the selection criteria and sort order of the data included in the above report as instructed.
  • Given a set of criteria, create and modify your own links satisfactorily.
  • Correctly create subtotals, grand totals and summaries for your report data as instructed in the Lesson labs.

This two-day class will teach students the basics of report creation including sorting, grouping, linking, basic formula creation, working with report expert, and how to distribute reports to other users.

  • Creating a Report
  • Displaying Specific Report Data
  • Grouping Report Data
  • Building Formulas
  • Formatting and Enhancing Reports
  • Inserting Objects and Hyperlinks
  • Creating Watermarks
  • Creating and Modifying Pie charts
  • Distributing Data

Crystal Reports 11: Level 1

Upon successful completion of this class you will be able to: Plan the needs for your report including data as well as appearance. Become familiar with components of the Crystal Reports application windows. Create reports based directly on database information, use a report expert or create a copy of an existing report. Add, modify, and remove report objects such as data fields, text objects, file information, graphics or decorative lines and boxes. Format the appearance of your report using font, color, border and number choices. Change the selection criteria and sort order of your data. Create subtotals, grand totals, and summaries for your report data. Create, edit and delete formulas. Understand Crystal’s formula language. Understand linking concepts then create and modify your own links. Identify and control Crystal’s report sections. Distribute your reports to those who need the information through a variety of methods.

 Class targeted to: Those who need to know the reporting capabilities of Crystal Reports and how to edit and customize your own reports.

Prerequisites: Windows knowledge and some familiarity with databases would be helpful.

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