Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

Learning Outcomes:

  • Based on classroom discussion accurately list six methods to consider when confronted with any problem or situation.
  • Using a given set of criteria, successfully create three possible resolutions to the problem by looking at the big picture and examining the problem creatively.
  • Given a set of examples, effectively analyze resolutions to problems provided and select the resolution best suited to the situation and the people involved.

Picture the start of your day – the baby is screaming, your spouse is angry, your boss just called and needs you to come an hour early to help prepare for a big surprise company meeting and you haven’t even had your cup of coffee yet. How will you manage?

  • Look at the Big Picture
  • Communicating Successfully
  • Prioritizing Responsibilities
  • Make Decisions Quickly
  • Where to look to Find Help
  • Determine to Delegate
  • Learn to say no without being offensive
  • Put your Creative hat on
  • Managing your Time Effectively
  • Set Goals Globally and Throughout the day

Creative Problem Solving

During this highly charged workshop, problem solving skills will be enhanced by learning the best coping methods, how to take an overview of any situation and determine the best avenue to follow for all involved. Take action with poise and power. Create an aura of confidence because you have decided to take control of the problem. Conflict resolution is much easier when communication is handled in a manner that includes all involved and their ideas. Learn the various methods to consider when confronted with any problem or situation.

Class targeted to: Anyone needing to develop the skills to cope in this fast-changing, problem-filled world. Discussion, excercises, and plenty of laughter (a good stress reliever).

Please Note: We encourage class participation and prefer small class sizes for better communication effectiveness in developing problem solving skills.

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