Constructing a Successful Career

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using a SWOT analysis evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, interests and skills and use them to design an effective action plan to gain career fulfillment.
  • Using the tools developed in this session successfully create a list of contacts to support your career development.
  • Using the information provided by your SWOT analysis, successfully perform a skills gap analysis and update the action plan already created to close the gap between your current status and your goals.

This one-day workshop provides participants with the practical skills and techniques to guide the development of their careers.

  • Defining a Successful Career
  • Determining Life Goals
  • Setting Career Goals
  • Preparing the Building Design
  • Construction Tools Needed
  • Recording Progress
  • The Finished Product

Constructing a Successful Career

Specifics covered during this workshop: Participants will prepare a plan of action based on their skills, experience, goals and any additional preparation they determine necessary in order to advance within their chosen field. Time will be spent in setting goals, defining what it takes to get to where you want to be. Tools needed may include additional skills training, going back to College, self study, choosing a mentor or additional materials. Learn how to keep a written or electronic record of all courses taken and progress made toward your goals.

Class targeted to: Any level of employee who wants to manage their career more productively.

Prerequisites: None

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