Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using information relative to one of your direct reports, successfully define measurable goals for the direct report for the next six months.
  • Using the measurable goals created in prior activities create an achievable action plan for coaching that direct report.
  • Using various role plays, accurately describe and demonstrate the three basic approaches to coaching and when to use each.
  • Using a role play exercise work with a partner to successfully complete a coaching exercise.
  • Using a set of criteria, accurately describe good or bad coaching attributes used in the criteria and identify areas of improvement.

This full day workshop gives you the tools to understand what coaching is and factors involved in being an effective coach and leader.

  • Understand Coaching: what it is and what it isn’t
  • Identifying Opportunities for Coaching
  • Creating an Environment for Performance & Growth
  • Exploring Motivational Factors
  • Practicing Methods to Guide, Challenge and Support Employees
  • Learn How to Reward and Reinforce
  • Use Coaching within your Management Team
  • Increasing Individual Human Performance
  • Developing Leadership Skills

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring The most effective way to supervise employees is to provide them knowledge and context, the right environment, and the tools/resources, or re-direction they need to perform well in the workplace. Coaching is not standing on the sidelines and shouting directions. It’s about helping people to learn and grow by listening, questioning, challenging, and guiding. In this manner you will increase their individual performance, develop new leaders and create a positive work environment. In this course, you will practice these powerful techniques and understand how to apply them on an ongoing basis, developing the full potential of your team.

Class targeted to: Those desiring to become a more dynamic, successful leader, creating a positive work environment.

Prerequisites: None.

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