Call Time Out When you Want: Be Your Own Coach

Call Time Out When you Want: Be Your Own Coach

This half-day workshop provides participants with the tools of good mentoring habits, how to be a mentor/coach to yourself, and evaluation techniques to determine the best path to follow.

  • The Value of Mentoring
  • Attributes of Good Mentors
  • Being Your Own Mentor/Coach
  • Questions to Ask
  • Listening To Yourself
  • Guiding Your own Development
  • Turning Advice into Action
  • Keeping Yourself on Track

Call Time Out When you Want: Be Your Own Coach

The best answers to the questions and challenges in our lives are usually already within us. The problem is we don’t know how (or don’t think) to draw those answers out. This workshop will show you how self-mentoring is a process of asking ourselves specific questions, organizing the feedback, then learning how to evaluate that information. You will learn to become your own coach, cheerleader, supporter, challenger, and sounding board. You will discover different self-mentoring techniques such as writing exercises, visualization, role-playing, brainstorming, and elimination lists. Use these techniques on a regular basis to help with goal setting, decision making, or for keeping yourself on track.

Class targeted to: Any level of employee who desires to build on their internal mentoring mechanisms and be their own coach.

Prerequisites: None.

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