Business Writing Basics

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using a classroom exercise, demonstrate the skills needed to gather thoughts into carefully-worded sentences and paragraphs by successfully completing three writing assignments.
  • Using classroom discussion, accurately identify twelve key words and phrases that give “punch” to letters and memos.
  • Given a writing sample, make corrections to demonstrate the accurate use of possessives, quotation marks, and punctuation.
  • Given a set of criteria, successfully evaluate the tone of five writing samples and rewrite the samples to be up-beat and to-the-point.

This one day Workshop is geared to the business professional needing to create more powerful letters and memos.

  • Introduction to effective written communication
  • Organizing your writing
  • Parts of speech and their role
  • Sentences, Paragraphs
  • Proofreading and Editing Tools
  • Business Letters
  • Business Memos
  • Elements of Style: Clarity, Conciseness, Organization and Tone
  • Practice sessions

Business Writing Skills

During this hands-on workshop, each individual will learn the skills needed to gather their thoughts into carefully worded sentences and paragraphs. Create eye-catching looks to memos, start with a “grabber” of an opener in your letter. Learn the most effective, concise manner to structure business letters. Learn key words and phrases to use to give that added “punch”to your letters and memos. You will learn to organize and think out ideas and the importance of reviewing content. You will look at high-impact placement of commas, colons and semicolons. Choose accurate possessives and use quotation marks correctly. Learn to be up-beat and to-the-point so that you can get action FAST. Convey your thoughts clearly and compose documents people will want to read.

Class targeted to:Students needing to hone their writing skills for effective communications.

Prerequisites:Windows: Introduction and Word: Introduction

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