Business Writing: Mechanics

Business Writing: Mechanics

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using a classroom exercise, demonstrate your proper use of punctuation within a document provided.
  • During the lesson lab, successfully show your knowledge of when or when not to use hyphens and dashes.
  • Correctly use numbers in writing as directed by the instructor.
  • Given a document with errors, proficiently show understanding of capitalization.

This one-day course is designed to provide work with punctuation, capitalization, and verb tenses.

  • Overview
  • Punctuation marks
  • What about hyphens and dashes
  • How to use numbers in writing
  • To capitalize or not – that is the question
  • Smart verbs
  • Characteristics of “good” writing
  • Practice sessions

Business Writing: Mechanics

This interactive workshop will provide the user with valuable tools to perfect their writing. Take a quick look at certain do’s and don’ts for proper business writing. Learn when and how to use punctuation marks. Use hyphens and other marks for emphasis. What about numbers? When should they be spelled out or when can they be used as a figure. Use powerful verbs to get your point across. Learn best practices for professional looking documents. Grab your reader’s attention with succinct wording and carefully sculpted sentences. Learn to write correctly, not quickly.

Class targeted to: Those wishing to learn when to capitalize, proper punctuation, and verb tenses.

Prerequisites: Windows: Introduction and Word: Introduction.

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