Business Writing: Effective Sentences and Paragraphs

Learning Outcomes:

  • With instructors directions, demonstrate the purpose of your written document in the Lesson Lab.
  • Correctly demonstrate the proper sentence structure given a set of criteria.
  • Given a writing sample, change certain words to reflect a more vibrant, positive tone.
  • Given a set of criteria, successfully format your document from the reader’s viewpoint.

This workshop is for the individual wishing to increase clarity, readability, and structure of their documents.

  • Business Writing Review
  • Determining the Purpose of the written communication
  • Content Development
  • Sentence Structure
  • Parts of Speech
  • Clear & Concise Writing
  • Editing the Paragraph
  • Practice sessions

Business Writing: Effective Sentences and Paragraphs

During this hands-on workshop, participants will learn to compose their thoughts and develop a document designed to attract attention. Learn to avoid run-on sentences and too many words used as “fillers”. Use positive and specific words, develop your content, and end with a plan of action. Set up your sentences for highest effectiveness using various parts of speech. Learn formatting techniques to increase readability and know when to use the correct writing vehicle (memo, letter, Email). Gain insight into your writing style and where changes might need to be made. Make your opening paragraph an attention getter. There will be plenty of practice sessions with valuable feedback from the instructor.

Class targeted to: Students desiring to get results from effective writing techniques.

 Prerequisites:  Windows: Introduction and Word: Introduction.

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