Business Writing: Editing

Business Writing: Editing

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using a classroom exercise, examine why spell check won’t correct everything.
  • During the lesson lab, learn the best and smartest way to proof your document.
  • Given a writing sample, make corrections to demonstrate the accurate use of what you learned about ordering your ideas cohesively.
  • Given a set of criteria, successfully proofread a document catching 90% of errors.

 During this one day course, the participant will learn more advanced document correction techniques.

  • Writing Discovery
  • Spelling Errors
  • Sentences Under Construction
  • Ordering Your Ideas
  • Is Spell Check Enough?
  • Accurate Editing
  • Repairing the Document
  • Practice Sessions

 Business Writing: Editing

Take a look at basic writing techniques everyone needs to know in the business world today.  Learn common spelling errors and tricks to remember the right spelling.  Take a long look at your sentence construction and figure out pitfalls to avoid when writing memos or letters.  Scan your entire document to make sure your ideas are in order and will make sense to the reader.  Learn how to apply good proofreading skills making sure each sentence and paragraph portrays what you want to convey.  Edit for spelling and grammar errors.  Use the proofreader’s checklist, avoid interruptions, and prepare your document to be an effective, dramatic tool to represent you, your department, and company.

 Class targeted to:  Designed for those who have taken earlier Business Writing courses, yet need to hone their skills further.

 Prerequisites:  Windows: Introduction and Word: Introduction.

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