Building the Best Resume/Successful Interviewing Skills

Building the Best Resume/Successful Interviewing Skills

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using classroom discussion as a guide, successfully choose which type of resume is best for your job search and provide three reasons for the choice.
  • After classroom discussion and exercises, effectively design a rough draft of a resume, share it with at least three other class members and incorporate their input into a refined version.
  • Using the information provided in the course, write three interview questions and use those to interview another member of the class, reporting the results of the role play interview.
  • Observe three practice interviews and evaluate the effectiveness of the interviewee. Be prepared to defend your evaluation.

This one-day Workshop provides participants with basic principles to produce Resumes’ that will be noticed, read and acted upon. Discuss Interviewing skills both verbal and non-verbal, from the first handshake through follow-up calls and sealing the job.

  • The Resume Objective
  • The Resume Body
  • The Resume Summary
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Resume Preparation
  • Presenting Yourself in the Best Light
  • Dress & Demeanor
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Traditional vs Behavioral Interviewing
  • Phone Interviews and Job Fairs

Building the Best Resume/Successful Interviewing Skills

Specifics covered during this workshop include: Targeting your resume; highlighting your skills, accomplishments and goals; establishing a work history; type of paper, font and background to use; power phrases; decide which resume format is best for you. Interviewing skills will range from what to wear, personal presence, body language, questions to ask, practical tips, different styles of interviewing, the phone interview, and follow up after the initial meeting. Different practice questions will be asked to simulate a live interview. Learn keys to success at job fairs and how to prepare for that all important meeting.

Class targeted to: Anyone wanting to enhance their resume and interviewing skills and find out the latest business techniques.

Prerequisites: None.

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