Building Success with Four Blocks

Building Success with Four Blocks

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using the information provided by the instructor, successfully participate in a DiSC analysis.
  • Through observation of the DiSC profile, accurately define the four dimensions of DiSC.
  • Through various role plays, effectively evaluate the DiSC dimensions used in each role play and identify how they affect communication styles and leadership qualities.
  • Using the information provided in the DiSC tool, analyze the DiSC dimensions of team members and prepare an action plan of no less than five steps to improve team relationships based on that information.

This interactive full day workshop deals with the importance of being understood and understanding what is communicated whether in writing or orally.

  • Purpose of DiSC profiles
  • DiSC profile (actual profile test)
  • Defining the four behavioral styles
  • Interpreting Feedback from your Profile
  • How to create effective working relationships
  • Utilizing team members based on their profile
  • Creating Action Steps

Building Success with Four Blocks

Participate in a DiSC analysis and understand how behavioral issues impact the four DiSC dimensions: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. Learn how to increase your teams’ understanding of one another’s talents, communication styles and leadership qualities. Utilize this session to discover how effective your team can be when their challenges and gifts are realized.

Class targeted to: Any office employee, manager or team leader wanting to enhance their communication skills and ensure their information exchange is understood.

Prerequisites: None

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