Building Office Professionalism

Building Office Professionalism

Learning Outcomes:

  • After participation in classroom discussion, successfully define a minimum of five professional characteristics and their impact on others.
  • Using role plays, effectively utilize communication skills to create a positive communication outcome.
  • Given a list of tasks, correctly set the priorities for each task.
  • Using in-class exercises, correctly define six barriers to good listening.

This one-day workshop provides skills, strategies and techniques to provide the tools for employees to be more professional on the job. The focus is on creating positive results in the office by emphasizing the attributes of courtesy, flexibility, good work habits, and effective communication behaviors.

  • Identifying Your Role
  • Professional Behavior
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal Organization
  • Setting Priorities
  • Motivation
  • Self Development
  • Dealing With Organizational Change
  • Managing Special Issues

Building Office Professionalism

Specifics covered during this workshop: What are professional Characteristics? What is a ripple? Signs of non-professionalism. Learning positive attitudes. Each person will do a communication self evaluation. Learn how to stay focused; action not reaction; keeping control. Identify your job responsibilities. Learn techniques to reduce resistance and work through problems. Learn good listening habits. Evaluating and planning.

Class targeted to: Those wanting to learn skills that will benefit their office and their own personal responsibilities within that office.

Prerequisites: Just a healthy desire to learn and grow.

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