Building Ethical Values

Building Ethical Values

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using your own company as a guide, successfully name the key roles and responsibilities of each party in ethics management.
  • Given a hypothetical situation, accurately identify ethics gaps, analyze performance problems that result, and determine what corrective measures should be taken.
  • Utilizing classroom discussion and exercises create an action plan with no less than five steps for applying ethical standards in your own workgroup.
  • Given a set of circumstances, role play at least one situation in which an ethical dilemma is demonstrated and effectively assess how best to address the situation. Be able to defend your answer.

This one-day workshop provides participants with general ethical standards in the business world and the development of organizational integrity. Participants will identify ways to increase ethical behavior, recognize and resolve issues, and learn how to enhance productivity of employees while increasing on-the-job satisfaction.

  • Business Ethics – a Description
  • The Organizational Role in Establishing Ethics
  • Managers Role in Developing Standards
  • Applying Ethics in the Workplace
  • Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
  • Developing an Action Plan
  • Successful Accountability

Building Ethical Values

Specifics covered during this workshop include: A definition of Ethics, truths & myths; key roles and responsibilities in Ethics Management; identify ethics gaps and related performance problems; discover how ethics programs cultivate teamwork and productivity; develop awareness and sensitivity to ethical issues; look at scenarios and discuss options; learn to develop an action plan for incorporating ethical standards within your team and organization; learn to handle ethical dilemmas and develop procedures to resolve those dilemmas; address the use of how each individual spends their time on the job and uses company resources, such as email, internet, etc.

Class targeted to: Managers/Supervisors or any employee needing training in Ethics and accountability.

Prerequisites: None.

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