Behavioral Interviewing for Hiring Success!

Behavioral Interviewing for Hiring Success!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using in-class discussions and examples, successfully create ten behavioral-based interview questions
  • After reviewing exercise information, name the three rating systems and accurately describe the situations in which each are best used.
  • Through classroom discussion, accurately define by position and skill the ideal Interview Team.
  • Given a set of exercise criteria, effectively conduct a behavioral-based interview role play.

Behavioral Interviewing for Hiring Success!

After successful completion of this course, the participant will be knowledgeable in the following areas: Common Interview Biases and Common Interview Pitfalls; Understanding the Job requirements (pre-determined skills needed); Selecting the Interview Team; Reviewing the candidate’s Paperwork; Developing Interview Questions: The interviewer identifies job-related experiences, behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities that the company has decided are desirable in a particular position; Opening the Interview; Establishing Rapport; Review examples of behavioral-based interview questions; Taking Notes: examples of rating systems; Closing the Interview in a positive manner; Reviewing Notes & Meeting with all Interviewers; The Hiring Decision based on the candidates experience and behaviors; Making the Hiring Decision: final determination based on your internal rating system; Action Plan – putting it all together!

Class targeted to: Managers, supervisory staff, HR professionals desiring to provide a more productive interview/selection process enabling the hiring/placement of staff to be more effective & efficient.

Prerequisites: None.

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