Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Skills

Learning Objectives:

This one day workshop will look at communicating and people skills each Manager needs to develop their leadership capabilities.

  • Results Oriented Leadership
  • Winning Management Styles
  • Common & Uncommon Attitudes
  • Expressing your opinions & objectives clearly
  • Assertive Communicating
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Handling conflicts
  • Beliefs that Drive Your Reactions

Assertiveness Skills

Discover the style extremes of passive and aggressive and when each may be effective. Learn the skills that will gain the respect from co-workers and will enhance your role as manager and leader. Work with attitudes that are common to winning managers. Discover ways to “get results” from your staff. Communicate more clearly and effectively: get attention for your ideas and projects. Gain the leadership skills you need to guide your workgroup and get the quality you expect. Learn to handle conflict: how and why they arise, how to divert them, and how to resolve the situation. Teach employees respect for company policies and rules, and why they are in place.

Class targeted to: All Managers and Supervisors

Prerequisites: A willingness to change


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