Appraising Performance

Appraising Performance

Learning Outcomes:

  • Given a scenario, establish performance criteria to successfully achieve performance expectations in accordance with organizational values and quality standards.
  • After classroom discussion, accurately identify the three types of performance data needed for an effective performance appraisal and provide a short definition of each.
  • Provided a set of circumstances, successfully define the difference between closed-ended and open-ended questions, including which type of question would be most appropriate to use for each circumstance and why.
  • Using the information provided in classroom instruction and exercises, correctly describe what a development plan is and what the plan should include.
  • Working together with another participant, create a development plan that includes a minimum of two areas of performance improvement based on your current position.

This seminar is developed with the Manager/Supervisor in mind to help facilitate performance reviews in a timely and productive manner.

  • Communications Breakdowns
  • The Review Environment
  • Employee Self-evaluations
  • Monitoring performance
  • Defining Desired Results
  • The Review Itself
  • The Performance Appraisal
  • Improvement Suggestions

Appraising Performance

This program takes the drudgery out of reviews – and makes them interesting and gratifying to both parties. You will learn tools that will help you: Establish meaningful criteria; Measure performance more accurately; Give credit where due and criticism when needed; Deliver face-to-face reviews more comfortably; Resolve differences quickly, fairly, amicably; and tie rewards to results. Ideal training for work environments that demand high achievement and support solid efforts.

Class targeted to: Managers and Supervisors wanting to learn the best tools and techniques for the review process.

Prerequisites: None

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