A+ Certification™

Learning Outcomes:

  • Given the scenario in the Lesson Lab, successfully demonstrate installation and configuring procedures for computer components.
  • Accurately troubleshoot computer component problems, showing knowledge of best practices as demonstrated during class.
  • Using the information in the Lesson Lab, Install and configure Operating Systems without error.
  • Effectively demonstrate mastery of troubleshooting laptops and portable devices, printers and scanners, as indicated in the Lab activity.

If you are getting ready for a career as an entry-level information technology professional or personal computer service technician, the CompTIA A+ Certification course is the first step in your preparation. The course will give you the essential skills and information you will need to install, upgrade, repair, configure, troubleshoot, optimize, and perform preventative maintenance of basic personal computer hardware and operating systems. Personal Computer Components IT Technician Best Practices

  • Hardware Fundamentals
  • Operating System Fundamentals-Windows Operating System Tools
  • Peripheral Components
  • Managing System Components
  • Installing and Configuring Operating Systems
  • Customized Client Environments
  • Networking Technologies
  • Installing, Configuring, and Maintaining SOHO Networks
  • Supporting Laptops & Printers
  • Mobile Computing
  • Security Protection Measures and Troubleshooting Hardware Components and System-Wide Issues

A+ Certification™

To become A+ certified, you must pass two exams: Exam numbers 220-801 & 220-802.  The participant will be able to: Have an understanding of personal computer architecture and connectivity methods. Identify storage types. Understand operating system fundamentals. Investigate tools, issues, and skills that form the basis of best practices for IT technical professionals. Install, configure, optimize, and upgrade personal computer components. Maintain and troubleshoot personal computer components. Install and troubleshoot laptops and mobile devices. Install, manage, and troubleshoot printers and scanners. Identify the names, purposes, and characteristics of basic network protocols and terminologies. Maintain and troubleshoot computer security issues.

Class targeted to: Those desiring more knowledge of computers, systems, and networks to work as a computer technician or other entry level positions.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computing concepts would be helpful.

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