Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.0: Level 2

Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.0: Level 2

Learning Outcomes:

  • Successfully embed multimedia in your PDF document using the instructions given.
  • Correctly create a PDF Form as directed by the Instructor to his/her satisfaction.
  • Prepare a final PDF document from a draft document with comments from numerous reviewers as directed in the Lesson Lab and with 95% accuracy.
  • Correctly create a PDF document using Autodesk AutoCAD as directed in the Activity Lab.

During this one-day session, students will learn to convert technical documents to PDF files, enhance and control PDF content accessibility, customize PDF documents for interactive use.

  • Creating PDFs from Technical Documents
  • Enhancing PDF Documents
  • Create Buttons, Forms and Fields
  • Preparing PDF Files for Commercial Printing
  • Finalizing PDF Files for Commercial Printing
  • Adding Supplemental Enhancements

 Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.0: Level 2

Upon completing this course, students will be able to: Create PDF documents using Autodesk AutoCAD. Enhance your documents with multimedia. Create a PDF Form; add Form fields, create calculations, create buttons, track forms, compile returned forms and organize compiled data. Examine the commercial printing process, create PDF files for prepress, apply color management settings, modify Adobe PDF settings for prepress and preview printed effects. Preflight documents, create PDF/X, PDF/A, and PDF/E compliant files, create a composite and create color separations. Index documents, batch process PDF documents and repurpose PDF document content.

Class targeted to: Office personnel at all levels who need to make their information more portable, accessible and useful and prepare for commercial printing.

Prerequisites: Windows: Introduction and basic Word Processing Skills.

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