Act!: Level 2

Act! 2013: Level 2

Learning Outcomes:

  • Perform complex retrievals by creating, naming and using queries as indicated in the Lesson lab.
  • Analyze the data to be stored and customize ACT! databases as appropriate demonstrating accuracy.
  • Successfully perform an export of information based on certain criteria as presented in the Activity Lab.
  • Customize and print a report as designed by the Instructor.

This second day in a two-part series will acquaint the user with the more advanced features of contact management. Perform complex lookups, customize a database, automate procedures, exchange data, and perform database maintenance.

  • Creating and Using Queries
  • Exchanging Data
  • Synchronizing Data
  • Customizing ACT! 2013
  • Working with Templates and Mail Merge
  • Customizing Report Templates
  • Administrating Your ACT! Database
  • Internet and Email Features

Act! 2013: Level 2

The following performance-based objectives will be accomplished during this one day course:

Exchange data by importing data into an ACT! database, exporting data out of an ACT! database, and synchronizing data between ACT! databases. Customize an ACT! database by modifying field names and attributes, layouts, menus, and keyboard shortcuts. Work with templates by creating, editing, merging, and applying templates. Create and edit report templates. Manage a database by securing it, backing it up, and purging, compressing, and re-indexing it. Connect to web sites by using Internet links.

Class targeted to: Students wishing to learn more advanced functionalities of ACT!’s features of contact management.

Prerequisites: Windows: Introduction or equivalent knowledge and ACT! 2013 Level 1.

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