Access: Forms & Reports

Access: Forms & Reports

Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze a task and determine which form options should be used to create the best report for the task.
  • Compare and contrast bound and unbounded controls and differentiate between the situations in which each should be applied.
  • Evaluate a report and determine the best method for grouping data.

During this instructor-designed combined one-day course, the student will learn in-depth information on how to develop and customize Access forms and reports.

  •  Creating, Navigating and Using Forms
  •  Locate and Organize Information
  •  Modify & Customize the Form Design
  •  Working with Controls
  •  Adding Combo Boxes
  •  Adding Unbound Controls
  •  Add Picture set to Zoom
  •  Add Command Buttons to Save and Close
  • Create Reports Through Report Wizard
  • Create Multi-Sub Reports
  • Include Conditional Text and Pie Charts in Report
  • Create Columns in a Report

Access: Forms & Reports

This specialized class has been created by an instructor to further enhance the students’ knowledge about creating forms by modifying the design.  Great for those needing to gather information on-line.  Use your form to locate and organize information, work with filters. Use the Form Wizard and work with multiple-table forms.  Work with controls, changing the format, adding calculations and option boxes.  Add unbound controls with a picture and date.  Create check boxes with borders and add a picture set to zoom.  Use Report Wizard and create multi-sub reports for customer orders. Learn to work with reports created by built in parameter queries.  Create sub-reports and page breaks for grouping.  Add columns and pie charts to reports.

Class targeted toStudents wishing to customize their forms and reports and to design on-line forms that will make entering information into the database fast and easy.

Prerequisites: Access: Levels 1 & 2.

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