Access 2010: Level 2

Access 2010: Level 2

Learning Outcomes:

  • Successfully analyze table design problems and normalize tables using directions from the Instructor.
  • Efficiently design select queries as directed in the Lesson Lab.
  • Choose the appropriate features and apply them to customize forms with 100% accuracy.
  • Using the information from the exercises, correctly import and export data.

Students will learn how to create and work with Access tables, relationships, queries, forms and reports while maintaining data integrity.

  • Controlling Data Entry
  • Joining Tables
  • Creating Flexible Queries
  • Improving Your Forms
  • Customizing Reports
  • Sharing Data Across Applications

Access 2010: Level 2

Upon successful completion of this one day course, students will be able to: Modify the design and field properties of a table to streamline data entry and maintain data integrity. Create a list of values for a field. Create query joins, join unrelated tables, relate data within a table. Set select query properties, create parameter and action queries. Design a form layout and enhance the appearance of a form. Restrict data entry in forms, add a command button to a form and create a subform. Organize report information, format the report and set report control properties. Control report pagination, summarize report information and add a subreport to an existing report. Import and export data. Analyze Access data in Excel. Export data to a text file. Merge Access data with a Word Document.

Class targeted to: Those responsible for creating new databases, the designing of tables and relationships, intermediate level queries, forms, reports, and data access pages.

Prerequisites: Windows: Introduction and Access: Introduction.

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