Access 2010: Level 3

Access 2010: Level 3

Learning Outcomes:

  • Correctly define the advanced form features from information provided in an exercise.
  • Successfully construct an action query to update data values and add or delete records based on information provided .
  • The learning will effectively demonstrate how to make forms more functional by using macros as designated in the Lesson Lab.
  • Compare and contrast the different types of queries and successfully construct each using the criteria set forth in the exercise.

This one-day class will provide the student with advanced capabilities of Access to work with improperly structured data, writing advanced queries, working with macros, enhancing forms and reports, and maintaining a database.

  •  Structuring Existing Data
  • Writing Advanced Queries
  • Simplifying Tasks with Macros
  • Making Effective Use of Forms
  • Maintaining an Access Database

Access 2010: Level 3

During this course, the student will analyze tables, create a junction table, and improve table structure. Create subqueries, create unmatched and duplicate queries, group and summarize records using criteria, summarize data using a crosstab query, and create a PivotTable and a PivotChart. Create and attach a Macro, restrict records using a condition, validate data using a Macro, and automate data entry using a Macro. Display a calendar on a form, organize information with Tab pages and display a summary of data in a Form. Include a chart in a report, print data in columns, and create a report snapshot. Link tables to external data sources, determine object dependency, document a database and analyze the performance of a database.

Class targeted to: Those with responsibilities such as working with heavily related tables; creating advanced queries, forms, and reports; writing macros to automate common tasks; and performing general database maintenance.

Prerequisites: Windows: Introduction and Access: Introduction & Intermediate.

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