Access 2013: Level 4

Access 2013: Level 4

Learning Outcomes:

  • Successfully import and export XML using Access database provided.
  • Correctly create and modify a database switchboard as directed in the Exercises.
  • With 100 % accuracy, implement security and set a password.
  • Apply Access tools to create a standard module to facilitate the entry and manipulation of business data.

Extend your knowledge of Access into introductory-level administrator skill sets in this one-day session. This is one of a series that addresses the Microsoft’s Office Specialist Certification.

  • Integrating Access Into Your Business
  • Create a Data Access Page
  • Building a Database
  • Managing Data in a Table
  • Querying a Database
  • Designing Forms
  • Generating Reports

Access 2013: Level 4

Learn Microsoft’s database management system and concepts. Explore the user interface, customize the Access environment and use an existing database. Learn the relational database design process, define database purpose, review existing data, determine fields and group fields into tables. Normalize data, designate primary and foreign keys and determine table relationships. Create a new database, create and manage tables, then create a table relationship. Modify table data, sort records and work with subdatasheets. Filter records, create a query, add criteria to a query, add a calculated field to a query and perform calculations on a record grouping. View data using an access form. Create and modify the design of a form. Create an Access report and add a custom calculated field to a report. Format the controls and apply an AutoFormat to a report.

Class targeted to: Students enrolling in this course should understand the basic concepts involved in working with a personal computer. Students should also be somewhat familiar with databases and how they are utilized.

Prerequisites: Students should be comfortable working in the Windows environment.

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