Access 2013: Level 2

Access 2013: Level 2

Learning Outcomes:

  • Successfully analyze table design problems and normalize tables using directions from the Instructor.
  • Efficiently design select queries as directed in the Lesson Lab.
  • Choose the appropriate features and apply them to customize forms with 100% accuracy.
  • Using the information from the exercises, correctly import and export data.

Students will learn how to create and work with Access tables, relationships, queries, forms, and reports.

  • Controlling Data Entry
  • Joining Tables
  • Creating Flexible Queries
  • Improving Your Forms
  • Customizing Reports
  • Sharing Data Across Applications

Access 2013: Level 2

Upon successful completion of this one day course, students will be able to: Modify the design and field properties of a table to streamline data entry and maintain data integrity. Create a list of values for a field. Create query joins, join unrelated tables, relate data within a table. Set select query properties, create parameter and action queries. Design a form layout and enhance the appearance of a form. Restrict data entry in forms, add a command button to a form and create a subform. Organize report information, format the report and set report control properties. Control report pagination, summarize report information and add a subreport to an existing report. Import and export data. Analyze Access data in Excel. Export data to a text file. Merge Access data with a Word Document.

Class targeted to: Those responsible for creating new databases, the designing of tables and relationships, intermediate level queries, forms, reports, and data access pages.

Prerequisites: Windows: Level 1 and Access: Level 1.

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